Pay Roll Software

While conducting Market Survey, we were told by some of the DDOs that they need a solution which will reduce their pain of preparing Pay Bill month on month.  As they know that preparing Pay Bill is complicated, they are expecting a solution which will be easier and user friendly.  
Some of the points which were expected by DDOs are as follows:

Flexible and Easy-of-Use - DDOs are anticipating very simple solution with does not require more efforts and an ordinary layman with minimum system knowledge should be able to handle 

Complete Pay Bill Quickly And Easily - DDOs are expecting a simple and quick solution for setting up and generating Pay Bill month on month in compliance with Sixth Central Pay Commission
Handle All Statutory Requirements - All Statutory requirements like TDS, Advance Professional Tax, etc are to be addressed with minimal efforts   

Handle All Deductions - DDOs needs a solution which will minimize their efforts on calculation of Deductions such as CGEIS, CGHS, PLI, GPF, Festival Flood Advance, Motor Car Advance, etc in a CLICK Way.  

Generate Reports - As per government norms, several reports to be generated month of month in day to day activities and while generating pay bill.  They are expecting a solution where it should print even "Schedules" without any efforts