Your Voice

After listening to your Voice through Market Survey, our expert team conducted several brain storming sessions to record your voice in the form of a Pay Bill Software which will ease process of generation of Pay Bill as easy as possible.  With our Automatic Pay Bill Solution, central government organizations will be able to save time and cut costs to the maximum extent.  Our expert team during their brain storming sesssions, concentrated on several aspects where development is involved which will help organizations to make use of the solution:

Advantages to Organizations as our Pay Bill Software is:

Flexible and Easy-of-Use: As requested by DDOs, our solution is flexible and easy to use by a person with minimum system knowledge
Accuracy - Be assured of accurate Pay Bill generation along with necessary schedules month on month
Compliance - You need not worry about any statutory deductions like PF, Income Tax, etc as the solution is developed based on Sixth Central Pay Commission
No Hidden Costs - Pay Bill Software will be provided against one time payment and No Hidden Charges thereafter
Support - Minimum support is needed as the software is user friendly
Man Power - You need not require trained man power and any layman with minimum system knowledge will be able work on this software effectively

There are several benefits and some of them are listed as below:

Data Entry: One Time Data Entry of employee's information along with Pay In Band and Grade Pay
Pay Bill Generation: With One Time Data Entry all subsequent bills are generated on Clicks
Provisions: Provision for DA Enhancement is one of the elements of the software and preparation of DA Arrear Bills
Calculations are automatic: Automatic Calculation of TA, DA, HRA, CGHS, etc along with additional allowances & deductions, if any minimizes the errors in preparion of Pay Bills
Audit & Validation: Loans and Advances like GPF Loans, Motor Car, etc can be monitored.  The Installment number in Pay Bills will be captured
Value Added Services: Provision for Pay Slips, GPF Statements, Supplementary Bills, Arrear Bills, Bonus Bills, etc
Pay Fixation: Provided separate Tool for Pay Fixation
NPS Employees: Pay Bill of NPS Employees is generated separately
Value Adds: Automated TR22 in Hindi & English as an outer cover for Pay Bills with valued provided along with Net Salary Summary, Consolidated Employees Pay, Allowances, Deductions, all Schedules there of, etc 
State-of-the-art architecture: Our Web Architecture Application can be installed in server-client for office network as well as stand-alone machines
Client Server Compatibility: Our application is compatible with optional backend and currently available with Oracle, MS SQL, etc